Agatha Saraswati Nathania Rungkat, F, 15

Agatha is a Dutch-Indonesian student who is hiding a lot of pain. As a target of some vicious bullying in her high school because of her pretty appearance, Agatha has a serious insecurity in the way she defines her identity. Agatha distances herself from everyone and decides that she only need books and walkman as her true companion. Agatha may look cold and distant though actually she is inspired by her Father who works as doctor. Agatha is a warm and caring person devoted to taking care of the sick and weak. Agatha is too mature for her age. She can be frank to Hendrick and comforts him with her thoughtful insight.

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"Hendrick Adriaan Theo Van Djikstra, M, 16

Hendrick is a spoiled haughty son from a noble Dutch-Indonesian family in 1920. Discovering the secret of his true identity shaped him into an insecure teenager who is struggling to bear the weight as a half Dutch. Hendrick admires his father and wants to be like him but also hate him for being ignorant towards his feeling. To fulfill everyone’s expectations Hendrick grows as a sensitive boy who mostly concerned about what others think about him. Though Hendrick is having issue with his identity, Hendrick is well respected for his responsible and capable demeanor as the heirs of the landowner. He harbors a crush on Rienkie but has a dilemma about his feeling because his insecurity as a half Dutch.

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Tjitjih, F, 27

Tjitjih born as a middle-low Indonesian family and works for Bernard as his servant. She used to cooks and runs the household. Her soft and kindhearted nature makes Bernard falls in love with her. They both then giving birth to Hendrick. There is always something motherly about Tjitjih, everytime she is around Hendrick, no matter how much Hendrick shows his denial towards her. Tjitjih always does everything for Hendrick’s well-being. Even though Tjitjih refuses to get married legally to Bernard she still decides to dedicate her life to taking care of Hendrick.

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Bernard Cornelssen Van Djikstra, M, 50

Bernard is a respected landowner in Pangalengan. As an owner of the biggest tea plantery he become a principled businessman who determined to grow his business bigger. Even if that means he need to make a political marriage which lead him to be married with Hendrick’s step mother, Saskie Marieke. Before he legally becomes a married man, Bernard was captivated by Tjitjih’s beauty who later giving birth to his one and only son, Hendrick. Bernard is stern with his son though he actually care deeply about Hendrick and can be adorably sweet to Tjitjih.

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