Verindischen is a story about two Dutch-Indonesian teenagers finding their identity. The story will be made into a short movie, a novela, and a music album. The short movie will be submitted to Toronto International Film Festival 2018.


“Een goede naam is beter dan olie.”

The idea for the story took form as a refelection towards layered issue around identity crisis in Indonesia. As a country with tremendous historical and cultural resources, a lot of Indonesians suffer from confusion of defining theirselves. This lacking sense of selves then have an immense effect in raising conflicts regarding empathy and tolerancy. The story emphasizes Indonesia’s historical and cultural richness to offer a unique perspective towards identity; a mutually constructed evolving images of selves which everyone is troubled in.


Verindischen which is a Dutch word of “going native” aims to exploit the Dutch-Indonesians dynamics in two different eras. The purpose is to challenge people to re-evaluate theirunderstanding of self and to engage their empathy. The making of the story into three different art forms; short movie, novela, and music album, were planned to reach widest audience possible by targeting various contact point.


Male and Female. 15-25 years old. Educated. Based in Bandung – Jakarta. Enjoy drama movies. Interested in history and culture.


Here is a glimpse of the general working timeline for the whole project. You can also find a fully in-depth look at the graph here.


Here is a quick look at the minimum workabale budget breakdown for the whole project. You can also find a fully in-depth look at these statistics here. Additionally, you can also find the ideal budget statistics here.


The teams are made of collaborative circle of friends from PETIK Production, Indie Art Projects, Institut Kesenian Jakarta, Sundea Salamatahari, and Rumi Siddharta.

Produced by :

  • Ryandi Pratama Putra - Producer
  • Aldiva – Assistant Producer

Directed by :

  • Ace Raden Desenasuria – Director
  • Riva Putra – Assistant Director

Writing Credits :

  • Fikra – Writers Manager, Screenplay
  • Sundea Salamatahari – Story, Novel
  • Rumi Siddharta – Research
  • Ace Raden Desenasuria – Scenario
  • Rivan Putra – Character Development

Art Department :

  • Rumi Siddharta – Art Director
  • Reza Adit – Assistant Art Director

Music Department :

  • Sugih Sumawilaga – Music Director, Composer
  • Fauzan Rahman – Assistant Music Director

Sound Department :

  • Fauzan Rahman – Sound Engineer

Camera Department :

  • Adel A – Director of Photography
  • Rifqi Azkaputra – Cameraman

Film Editing :

  • Ace Raden Desenasuria – Editor
  • Rifqi Azkaputra – Cameraman

Logistics & Transportation Department :

  • Aldi Fadilah – Captain


“Krakande wagens lopen het langst”

Up to this point we have created short films, web series, and documentary. Our team consists of various people with distinct background, we easily complement each other. As each of us have our daily job we are pouring countless hours, efforts, and resources into making this vision a reality.

The challenge we seem to face is time constrains. As we need an extensive research to create a responsible narative in presenting an accurate representation of historical and cultural dynamics in which the story took place.

Your money will help us work miracles with the film but it won't be able to alter the space time continuum. Where a fully funded feature film can simply pay for an extra day of editing, we might need to make the money stretch further which usually means patiently waiting for our post-crew to work their magic. So, if things are moving slower than we thought, you'll be the first to know.

You have our word, we'll communicate clearly because after all, you're trusting us with your money and we're going to do everything we can to make sure it's spent well.